Li Ding Sdn Bhd was founded on November 23, 2019, as a result of the founder’s passion for fruits and a desire to create a source of fresh juice in a town that had very few. In many cities and towns across the world, it is a challenge to find a juice shop that uses premium fruits to extract juices with no water, sugar, or preservatives added, making it difficult for one to fully enjoy the flavor and health benefits that come with all-natural fruit products. Hence, our founders have conducted extensive research across the globe to create a premium fruit and vegetable boutique that incorporates eco-friendly concepts to bring green awareness to the community. We source all products directly from farmers to avoid hidden costs of intermediaries and ensure that consumers enjoy every bit of savings without compromising the quality of the products. To keep you fascinated, we always bring in unique seasonal items to create a memorable and fruitful experience.

Asides from groceries and organic products, we also produce our own fresh juices using premium quality fruits to ensure a delightful taste along with high nutrients. Our founders believe that health trends should be implemented starting from the business world, educating consumers on the importance of clean eating and drinking habits while making such habits affordable for everyone. Not only we focus on the quality of the juice, but we have gone through multiple stages of research and development to obtain the maximum benefits and taste with no water, sugar, additives, and preservatives added into it. For example, our research process has led us to use slow juicers rather than centrifugal juicers to retain the fruits' natural color and flavor. Hence, we have taken every possible step in order to ensure that our products are safe to be consumed by everyone regardless of their age or health conditions. We also tailor our juices to prevent and combat the skyrocketing number of modern illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and liver problems. We are proud to be the only store that serves 100% pure juice in the market.


To provide the finest ingredients and products to your doorstep at a sustainable price that brings the highest satisfaction to both consumers and the food and beverage industry. 


We source and negotiate hard for first-class fruits, vegetables, and products from farmers and suppliers to deliver the best value items for our beloved clients

Note: Delivery within Penang Island only excluding Balik Pulau, Batu Ferringi will only arrange for delivery at pick up point near Tanjung Bungah Area .